Django October 2013

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July 2013

Angels R Us,
Eastern Pennsylvania

October 26th, 2013,
Parsippany, New Jersey

Rahway, New Jersey

Django is our ball python. Django is named after a high-level Web framework that is developed in Python, a high-level programming language. If you are looking for information on Django (the web framework) please visit the Django project. This site is about an actual python.

Django (the ball python) has proven to be an unusual specimen. He is not like the 'pet rock' as many ball pythons are unfairly described. He is alert, active and loves to be out of his enclosure. He has a branch in his home, and loves to climb like a tree python.

Django, or Dj, was born in July of 2013 in Eastern Pennsylvania to a breeder. He came to us through a show in Parsippany, NJ and currenly resides in Rahway. Dj is a Pastave. This morph is a cross between a Mojave, which is a pattern morph, and a Pastel, which is a color morph. For more information about morphs, check out World of Ball Pythons, a site that is a great source of information about ball pythons. Now in May of 2014, Dj has gone through several sheds and even more rodents and is about 550 gms.

Dj is nocturnal, as with all Ball Pythons. He wakes up close to sunset and peeks his head out of his hide. This we refer to as his 'morning coffee'. Dj is currently housed in a 20 gallon Exo-Terra terrarium. In June 2014, he will be moving to a 4' enclosued built by Boaphile. This new home will give him the space he needs as he grows.